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All activities are framed with the desire to achieve the philosophy of Tee-Ball.

The Tee-Ball philosophy is best remembered by the “Four F’s” of:






All children love to play games and ours are particularly fortunate to be growing up in a country where sporting achievement is publicly recognised and facilities are available for all to participate in an active way.

A difficulty which faces small children trying to emulate their sporting heroes, is that the skills required are too difficult. Many sports have recognised this and have solved the problem by creating a set of “modified” rules. No sport has achieved this better than Tee-Ball – a modified version of baseball. 

The major modifications include no pitching, hitting the ball off a “tee” of adjustable height, a time limit of one hour and playing on a diamond which is only two-thirds of the senior size. It also incorporates an important rule on the length of an innings to prevent a stronger team monopolising the batting during a game.

Tee-Ball caters for boys and girls from 5 to 12 years of age. The game provides a lot of fun, opportunity for rapid improvement in ball skills, hand-eye coordination and general confidence, as well as one hour of fast moving exciting involvement during the game itself. 

2021/22 SEASON

  • Season Start: TBA

  • Under 8s Intra Club Competition will be played at Maida Vale Reserve with games starting at 8am each Saturday.

  • Under 10s and Under 13s will also be playing at Maida Vale Reserve in the Kalamunda Rangers Competition at 10am each Saturday.

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